Creating clear, concise user flows for mixed reality can be challenging because there are many user input options and features in a mixed reality experience. A mixed reality user flow must consider time, physical space, the user's end goal, and a variety of input options. "Reality sequence" might be a more accurate term than "user flow" to describe a series of consecutive mixed reality scenes.

I created these mixed reality user flow templates for anyone to use during their own design projects. I've presented these templates at conferences and workshops around New York and Seattle. 


These templates are inspired by the mixed reality user flows my team and I created for our HoloGlass project. They are HoloLens-specific, but can be modified for and applied to other immersive reality devices. Feel free to download and share.

XR Design Template

1st Person Template


The 1st person template is good for creating user flows and determining user interactions.

3rd Person Template

Reality Sequence Third Person 1 Pane Rev

The 3rd person template is good for sketching, brainstorming, and determining how far a digital object will be from the user.