Storytelling Using

Health Care Data

Improving strategy for customer-facing health insurance reporting

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McKinsey Design helped a large health insurance company improve their health care data reporting tool (DataTool) & all-around business process in order to serve their customers with deeper health care insights.

Team and Timeframe

Our team had one Experience Designer (me), a Senior Experience Designer, a Design AP, and 4 healthcare analysts. This project occurred over a 4 month period. The journey map was created in collaboration with my entire team. I took ownership of creating the other documents on this page--I worked closely with my team to refine the content and ultimately deliver these artifacts to our client. 

Discovery Phase

While embedded in our client site, my team and I conducted client interviews, DataTool user interviews, and health insurance industry research over the course of three weeks. I helped create design artifacts showing our findings. 



1) Current User Journey Map 

2) Materials for Ideation Workshop (Personas)

Ideation Workshop

We used the design artifacts we made during the Discovery Phase in a four-day, immersive workshop for clients and DataTool users. After the workshop, I helped synthesize insights into a client-facing presentation and ideal future state user journey for DataTool. Below is an excerpt of part of our presentation. I wrote these vignettes illustrating each major research insight: 


1) Master Storytelling Template

Our main objective was to improve the way our client uses health care data to tell stories to their customers. After our research and workshop, it became clear that building a user-friendly storytelling tool would be a key part of our solution. The storytelling template below was built using PowerPoint, complete with a user and style guide. 


The template allows users to build reports that address a variety of health care episodes (e.g. Cardiovascular; Musculoskeletal; ER; etc.). I worked with clients to figure out how to create a master PPT template that would work for telling 9 different types of health care data stories. I created story structures and designed PPT template pages, layouts, and data visualizations to accommodate the story structure.

2) Data Reporting Dashboard

The quarterly dashboard is a newly designed reporting document for our client to give their customers on a monthly basis. I worked with clients to understand what kind of story would be best to tell their customers using data displayed in a monthly dashboard. I designed what that dashboard could look like (and how the data could be visualized, taking certain tech and customer constraints into consideration).